The Joy and frustration of Lateral Work-part 4

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Creating the tools for both the rider and the horse.

I soon realized that I actually had to take responsibility for what was going wrong in my lateral work.

I needed to notice how the horse was affecting me and I was affecting the horse.

I quickly learnt to notice the pieces of which seat bone was sliding too much one side or the other, and how my own tone and strength was vastly different on each side of my body. This made me lean one way as my strong side shortened and clamped to the horse, whereas on the other side I slid off the horse’s long back muscle and dragged him with me, because I couldn’t support him. As I got more organized and equally toned, the better it all became, and I had space in my mind to start to address the horse’s imbalances and weakness.

Then it became clear that my horse also had a weak side which lengthened and felt like he was deflated on one side yet on the other I could feel his back more inflated. It was difficult to keep my seat bones equal and the surface under them wasn’t level. No wonder we were struggling.

By using in-hand work and explaining to the horse what I wanted, things began to improve. This let us move to the next step, exercises under saddle, which helped him build more strength, suppleness and understanding of how to use his body.

If things don’t flow I am always prepared to step back to find out where the confusion is, and explain it in small bite-size pieces until the horse understands. I relate it to me learning how to do things on the computer, I simply forget what I should know.

Both you and your horse can do lateral work. You just need to learn to notice, adjust and gain trust in each other.

To follow on from these blogs I am conducting several Lateral Clinics at different venues. I would love to work with you to help you overcome the challenges you may be experiencing.

Margaret River 22-23rd June.                               

Oakford Perth 20-21st July

Albany 24-25th August.

Prices vary due to travel and arena hire costs.


Booking for all these clinics are on the website www.annmontgomery.com.au





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