The Hidden World of Audio Instruction.

Unveiling the Hidden World of Audio Lessons: Riding Beyond Directions

Have you ever wondered what goes on during those intriguing audio lessons that riders are buying? Do they simply receive instructions like “turn left, turn right, do a circle, canter, trot”? Well, prepare to be pleasantly surprised! These lessons that Ann Montgomery designs and records are far more than a mere navigation guide. They hold within them a treasure trove of patterns and themes, designed to elevate both horse and rider to new heights of connection and skill. In this blog, we will explore the captivating world of Ann’s audio lessons, where riders are invited to delve deep into their own bodies and minds while harmonizing with their equine partners.


Setting the Stage: Themes and Patterns:

Every audio lesson in this vast library of horse riding lessons encompasses a unique theme, carefully selected to hold the riders’ attention and highten their awareness. It’s not just about physical directions; it’s about creating an experience that enriches the bond between rider and horse. These lessons encourage riders to focus on various aspects of their bodies, such as their seat, breathing, and mindset. Through these mindful observations, riders can uncover hidden imbalances and develop a keen sense of awareness of both the self and the horse.


The riders Body, Mind, and Connection:

As the audio lesson unfolds, riders are prompted to explore their seat and balance in depth. They are invited to investigate the alignment of their seat bones—are they equal, tucked under, or pointing backwards? Moreover, attention is drawn to the positioning of thighs, shoulders, core, and head, inviting riders to observe their overall posture and how it affects their horse. The lessons present a unique opportunity to demystify and break down the myths of riding into manageable chunks, allowing riders to develop awareness peice by peice and understand how their body influences their horse.


What about the Horse’s Perspective: Stride, Flexion, and Balance:

While riders explore their own bodies, they are also encouraged to pay close attention to their horses. These audio lessons shed light on the intricacies of the horse’s movement and communication. Riders learn to discern whether their horse flows smoothly on one side or encounters difficulties. They investigate the quality of contact, flexion, and bend, seeking to establish a harmonious connection with their horse. The lessons also prompt riders to analyze the horse’s stride length, both on the left and right rein, and observe whether the horse maintains balance during corners and circles.


Unconscious Awareness:

Skilled riders possess a remarkable ability to balance all these intricate details with an almost unconscious level of awareness. They intuitively make constant adjustments and modifications, stride by stride, in both their own bodies and their horses. What appears effortless and seamless to the untrained eye is, in fact, the culmination of countless hours of practice and refined sensitivity. Many of those riders have been under constant supervision to reach that level of unconscious awareness. 


Questions: Awakening Rider’s Consciousness:

Within the realm of audio lessons, Anns calm guiding voice will lead riders on a transformative journey. though out the lesson she poses thought-provoking questions, encouraging riders to actively engage their senses and heighten their awareness. By asking riders to highten their observations, the lessons facilitate the integration of knowledge at a deeper level. This process empowers riders to become active participants in their own learning and enables them to apply this newfound awareness in their future rides.


In closing

Audio lessons in horse riding transcend mere directions; they are immersive experiences that guide riders on a profound journey of self-discovery and connection with their equine partners. Through carefully chosen themes and targeted observations, riders develop an acute awareness of their own bodies and the subtle nuances of their horse’s movement. By immersing themselves in the transformative power of these lessons, riders pave the way for mastery and unlock the secrets of unconscious awareness. So, next time you find yourself lost in knowing what to do in your training session try an audio lesson, prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure, where every stride is an opportunity for growth and harmony.


Enjoy the freedom of your riding with Audio lessons.


Best Regards

Ann Montgomery “The Mindful Rider”