The fascination of bones -part 1.

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Why this facination of bones.

Though out my life and especially as my coaching developed in my 20s, I was more and more intrigued by the bones of the rider and the horse. And the movement patterns of both.

In my early years in coaching training, I was expected and examined in my exams on the conformation of the horse. This took me on a path of many hours, analysing how a horse was put together, if it was going to be able to do its job that the rider was expecting of it?. I was expected to as a coach to be able to advise a student at the pre purchase trial ride and viewing on suitability for purpose, conformation, temperament etc. before they went into the expense of having a horse vetted.   

Every time I coach a rider the first thing I focus in on is the bones, I almost see a stick man on a horse. My question to myself is, how are they stacked up? Is there flow in the body? Where are they tight or loose, strong or weak? How is this affecting their balance and the horse?

As soon as I set eyes on the pair; I’m noticing the symmetry of both, horse and rider, the way of movement.  The truth is I’m watching before they are even in the arena with me.

As I look deep into the horse at the bones and skeleton it gives me a great insight of what is needed as I analyse how the horse and rider are carrying their bones.

This is always a fascination for me, what does the rider actually sit on, as far as the skeleton is concerned. What is the saddle sitting on and if it doesn’t fit well how is this affecting the spine, spinal processes, ribs, shoulders of the horse. And how is that affecting the whole thoracic sling of the horse as it’s girthed up. 



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