Join Ann Montgomery on this presention series.

The Art of Contact

Developing a Soft and Supple Connection through 
Mindful Riding Techniques



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Part 1 “The rider’s perspective” 

Part 2 “The horse’s perspective” 

If you have ever struggled with your horses contact - this presentation is not to be missed. Come away with solutions to transform what you have always been told about CONTACT!



The importance of developing soft, carried hands and having a balanced body for achieving a good contact as a rider.


How to understand and work with the horse’s chewing, hyoid apparatus, and posture awareness to achieve a better contact.


Recognizing common issues with the contact and understanding how to let go of common held beliefs for better results.


Developing an awareness of the horse’s back, ribs, and breath through the rider’s seat for
a better contact.

Hello, I am Ann Montgomery

I am passionate about helping you build confidence, self-belief, suppleness and strength in you and your horse.

Over many years of working with horses I have encountered numerous training methods and trainers and have taken the best from each encounter and developed a way of training that fits with my belief system and helps the horses I have the pleasure of working with. Not all the trainers were horse trainers. I have delved and studied in many directions.

My qualifications in NLP and RWYM have given me a unique ability and set of skills to assist the people I work with to achieve their goals and become the best that they can be.


The Art of Contact?

Part 1 


  • How to Develop soft carrying hands.
  • Breaking the rules on how to hold the reins.
  • Having balance in the body to enable the soft hand and arm.
  • Letting go of the fight to frame the horse.
  • Riders jaw in relationship to the horse’s jaw.

Part 2 


  • Chewing and letting go.
  • Equipment you could use.
  • Tongue and hyoid apparatus and releasing the hyoid apparatus.
  • How are issues with the contact demonstrated.
  • Developing the horse’s posture awareness.
  • Allowing flow through the joints, ligaments, and muscles of the body.
  • Feeling the contact of the horses back, ribs and breath through the seat of the rider.

What people are saying...


I highly recommend Ann to anyone who wants to improve

I recently did the lesson on Contact and it was absolutely fantastic! One thing that really stood out to me was that our hands should be responsive, gentle and communicative to our horses. This is so true! You do a great job of teaching how to use your hands in an enlightened way to communicate with your horse. I highly recommend Ann to anyone who wants to improve their contact with their horse. Thanks, Ann! Just having your soothing voice & reconfirming what to think about was amazing for us both. When we walked past daunting things I would hum & he would relax! So amazing.

— Carol M


This was the perfect starting point for us!

I really loved this lesson on contact Ann. I like how you describe the timing of the softening movements of the fingers on the reins - the directions are precise and clear and easy to follow. My horse has had great difficulty with contact due to being trained throughout his show jumping career with draw reins. It's only now that I can start to work a little with this without him bracing and shutting down. This was the perfect starting point for us!

- Catherine M