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The Art of Contact Part 1 - The Rider Perspective

The Art of Contact Part 2 - The Horse Perspective

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What you need to do to win a year’s subscription to the GOLD membership of the sound system of training! 🎁🔊

1️⃣ Download the audio lesson on the position of the hands (30 min lesson) and the corresponding worksheet.

2️⃣ Listen to the audio while riding your horse.  

3️⃣ After completing the lesson, fill in the worksheet to reflect on what you and your horse thought through the lesson.

4️⃣ It’s then time to share your takeaways! You can submit your experience in various formats such as video, text, or images. Let your creativity run wild and show us how the lesson transformed your riding style and technique. We are looking for the most engaging, insightful, and inspiring presentations that capture the essence of the lesson and your personal growth.  

5️⃣ Deadline is June 19th and the winner will be announced on Wednesday, June 21st. 

Download the Audio Lesson

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Download the pdf

Click here to download the Worksheet


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The Sound System of Training

Have your coach in your pocket on every ride! 

The must have Audio lessons that create a happy healthy partnership.

The Sound System of training Level 1 six week course (1)

APPROXIMATELY $20 USD – €18  – £16 


Do you ever wish you had a Coach with you whenever you needed?

Audio lessons are a convenient, flexible, and effective way for you to improve your riding skills, enhance your knowledge, and ultimately transform your riding. With the ability to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule, you can become a better rider without sacrificing your other commitments.

Audio lessons with Ann are a unique experience. Guiding you through the warmup into the main lesson, you and your horse will follow her soothing voice with perfectly timed prompts leading to a more successful riding experience.

Early Bird Bonuses

Enroll now and you’ll also get these 3 bonuses

Webinar "Communication through The seat of the rider."

How do you use your seat to communicate with your horse. 

So many Riders are instructed all the time to use their seat. BUT… 

What is involved in the rider’s seat? What does it mean when we get asked to use it, and how do we activate the seat? 

How does the horse & rider feel each other? What senses are involved? 

The two parties can work in harmony when the blending of the Horse and Rider comes together.

Webinar available early June.


Webinar "The timing of the aids"

Timing of the aids is the essential part of riding that is often the missing key to communication with your horse.

What is required by the riders when it comes to the timing of the aids?

  •    Noticing the right moment.
  •    Feeling the right moment.
  •    How to upskill you’re timing.

What is required by the horse?

  •    Understanding the rider’s seat.
  •    Responsive to the rider’s light leg.
  •    Understands the Half Halt.
  •    It has relaxation so they can learn.


Webinar available early June.


Personalized Horse Riding Training Plan!

For Gold Members and available in June.

With our cutting-edge personalized training plans, tailored specifically to your needs, you’ll be heading towards a beautiful partnership in no time!

Every rider is unique, every horse is unique and that’s why we’re offering an easy quiz to create the best training plan for you and your horse to suit you both perfectly.

What can you expect from our Personalized Horse Riding Training Plan?

  • A training plan aligned with your goals, preferences, and skill level.
  • Regular progress check-ins to track your achievements and  growth.
  • Measurable milestones to keep you motivated and inspired.



Are you ready to join us?