A ‘Sound’ system of training with Ann Montgomery “The Mindful Rider”

Join The Mindful Riders Tribe for weekly audio lessons, supporting diagrams,

plus positive support through an exclusive facebook group including weekly Q&A Sessions

So many times my clients say “I wish I had your voice in my head every ride”.

Others have said, “I just don’t know what to do each day when I ride”.

 Now you can have exactly that, my voice in your ear and a plan of what you will do in a training session.

Stay Motivated
Learn new Skills
Progress your riding

How will this work?

I do an audio recording of a work session each week that you and your horse can listen to as you ride. It is recorded as I ride my horse. I will tell you hoof beat by hoof beat where you must go and what you should be paying attention to. For example, we will start in the walk at K and go down the long side towards C end of the arena, notice is your seat bones level, are your thighs rotated in, and can you feel the ribs of the horse equal on both sides?

This includes:

An audio lesson per week.
A diagram of the arena layout per lesson this will be posted on the F B page.
Private membership to the FB page so we can learn from each other and work as a community this will open discussions of what you found or had issues with.
A weekly Question and answer FB live session.
The option of an online lesson from a video you send to me, of you riding parts of the lesson at a reduced rate.





Annual Subscription – Sound System of Training