September Newsletter

Hi Everyone

The past month saw my final trip to Darwin for this year, and once again it was a great trip and I feel so grateful for the opportunity to work with such lovely people who face many climate challenges and yet remain positive in their quest to become better riders.

I’m excited to let you know about some updates on the unique workshops that are happening next month.

 The building of Jane has been split into two separate days, as the feedback I received was that a lot of people couldn’t do two days. The dates are 14th and 15th of September and booking is via the website www.annmontgmery.com.au

Prices are $115.00 for one day, and $200.00 for two days, which includes tea, coffee and biscuits.

In these workshops, Anita Evers from Qld, who originally built Jane, will take her from the boxes and re-build her piece by piece, bone by bone. Jane’s bones tell the story of her life and the hidden secrets of what was under her skin and muscles.

You will be able to look closely at the bones and handle them, and as we build her, we will be answering any questions you may have.

When Jane is built, her limbs will actually move, so you can see the joints operating and this will give you an understanding of what is happening with each step your horse makes.

We will sit a saddle on Jane to see where it sits over the bones and shoulders.

We will but a bridle on her to see where the bridle and bit sit.

We will sit a human pelvis and spine onto the horse skeleton and a small full skeleton as well.

Why not have a weekend away, learning from this unique workshop with your friends and enjoying discussing your discoveries?

For people wanting to enjoy a weekend away, or travelling from the country or longer distances, we can offer camping on site. Alternatively, close to the venue there is a super Bed and Breakfast at Braybrook Boutique BNB and Cottage. Tel 0411 877 188 or email evanhicks63@gmail.com

I’m hoping you can make it, there are only 10 places a day available to keep it a worthwhile experience for attendees.

Also, in September, I will be returning to Margaret River to do the final Clinic for the year at Yalambi Farm Stud. Bookings are open for this Clinic already and details are on the website.

Upcoming dates

1st  Sept:  Baldivis Adult riding club (booking via the club).

8th Sept:  Sunninghill Equestrian Centre, Stoneville.

14 & 15th Sept: The building Of Jane, Keysbrook

21-22nd Sept: Margaret River, Yalambi Farm Stud.

27th Sept: Murray ARC (booking via the club)

Booking for all clinics are on the website www.annmontgomery.com.au

Happy Riding.