September Newsletter.

Hi Lovely people.

These past few weeks have been super busy, and we had our final nurturing retreat for the year. I have to say I never realised how needed these retreats were for overworked women coping with the stresses of life. What a special group of ladies that came together on this retreat. It was, for me, great satisfaction to see the girls bond so well. Our discussions on general life challenges and bringing everyone’s wisdom into the talks were beautiful and gracefully received from each other.

The lessons gave some life-changing ideas and skills to be thought about to the already capable riders. 

I’m so thankful to Michele Nord of Evolve EQ, who is my right-hand assistant and brings her magic of knowledge and gifted communication with both horses and humans. I value her expertise and support in helping in so many ways.

The yoga was again beautiful; Dianne Jones give a relaxing but thoughtful yoga practice. This time, we added sound healing by feather and grace quietly and subtly tip toed into the air and space at the end of the yoga class. As the yoga ended, the sound healing took over as the ladies entered savasana.

Our next retreat will be in March – April 2023 and is already in the planning phase.   

Albany clinic went well with significant progress from the riders; again, the weather was kind as I had to do one day outside. I will be back for my last visit to Albany on 19-20th November.
Next month I am going on holiday to see my children in Europe it is four long years since we have seen each other and I have three grandchildren I haven’t met yet. Covid messed up our visits and time together. I am seriously excited to see them all again.
So from 11th October – 14th Nov, I will not be doing clinics or lessons.

The Sound System of Training Membership will continue as usual, and I have organised as our guest speaker on the 19th Oct Dorothy Marks ( The Back Lady) from the UK to talk about fitting saddles to suit horse’s different shaped backs and fit the rider’s conformation. So often, we find saddles to fit the horse but not the rider and vice-versa, fit the rider but not the horse.

Lessons will still be loaded while I am away, and I will do a FB live onto the Mindful Tribe FB page after I have been to the Spanish Riding School.

“Yes, I’m going to see the Spanish Riding School”

The visit to the Spanish Riding school has been a lifelong dream and will be part of my holiday. To say I’m a bit excited is an understatement. Keep an eye on the Mindful Community FB page and The Mindful Tribe FB page if you are a gold member of the Sound system of Training for photos and updates. 

Spring has crept up on us, and I said I would open “The Sound System of Training” to new members in Spring. So it is now open to new members until Oct 11th.

Did you know “The Sound System of Training” has all its lessons in levels? I am opening up membership until October 11th.

Each level steps up your horse’s training development, and your skill level will be heightened.
Whether you want to be a better rider and train your horse or if you’re going to compete, you have access to over 100 lessons, and this is growing all the time: each lesson gives you and your horse new ideas, challenges and arena layouts.
Every lesson is recorded in 60 x 20 and 40 x 20 arenas, so we have it covered no matter what size arena you have.
The starting point is –

  • Coming back into work: Light sessions ease you or your horse back into work.
  • Prep- Prelim: Simple 20 m circles and serpentines.
  • Prelim – Novice: Introducing 15m circles, Four loop serpentines and ovals.
  • Novice – Elementary: Starting 10m circles, turn on the forehand and leg yields.
  • Elementary – Medium: Shoulder in, counter canter, haunches in, renvers, half pass.
  • Meditations with horses, these meditations are done before riding or during riding. They help calm the nervous system of the rider and so also calm the horse.
  • Let’s go trail riding.

New lessons are added to the program each month.
Gold members enjoy $40 per month.
The private Facebook page, with regular Facebook, lives.
Each month we have a guest speaker on varying subjects, including horses dentistry, rider’s body awareness, hoof discussions, saddle fitting, mindset, equitation science, and so much more.
And discounts on clinics booked online or online courses.
Silver members enjoy the lessons only. @ $30 a month
Are you ready to have the coach in your pocket and test the incredible results the audio lessons give you?
If you want to know more, click here https://annmontgomery.podia.com/tsst-membership
If you are interested but would like a sample, try our free lesson to have a taste. Click here https://annmontgomery.podia.com/free-taster-lesson
Also Free booklet and audio lesson on “The balance of the horse and rider”.

Upcoming clinics. 

Keysbrook, 1st October 
Evolve with your horse mindfully clinic
We already have several bookings, but a few spaces are still available.

Here is what we do on “Evolve with your Horse Mindfully Clinic”. 
Ann Montgomery of the Mindful Rider and Michelle Nord of Evolve EQ are coming together to help riders understand how the horse communicates. So often, the horse is giving us cues on what he is thinking and feeling, but as humans, we don’t see, recognise, or hear it.
How often do you find yourself as riders caught up in life and are not present when working with our horses? This clinic is an opportunity to explore changing that for the better. Together Michelle and Ann will help you recognise more about your horse and yourself so you can have a beautiful partnership with your horse.
This clinic is suitable for riding horses or horses starting their journey into being ridden in the future.
What will you get in this clinic?
A one-on-one lesson of 45 mins with Michelle
A one-on-one lesson of 45 mins with Ann
Theory session
Light lunch
Tea, coffee and cake.
10 spaces are available.
I hope you can join us in creating the partnership with your horses they dream about.
Here is the link to book.
Margret River areaMetricup WA on 8-9th Oct.
SOLD OUT (contact me to go onto the waiting list) 
Clinics accommodate 9 per day, in private 45-minute lessons, with video feedback and a mini-workshop at lunchtime and then again at the end of the day.
If riders are time-poor, they can choose to have no video feedback and leave after their lesson.
You can choose to ride on one or both days. It is not necessary to ride on both days.
You can also choose to do a ridden session or in-hand session, or a mix of both.
Clinics can be structured to enable riders to leave shortly after their lesson or stay for the day to watch other lessons and participate in the video feedback- mini-workshop. Clinics are run over one or two days and arranged according to the weather.
All prices incl GST
Here is the link to book

Exciting News for December  8-9th and 11th-12th I am going back to Canberra. 

These clinics have only six rider spaces, as they are intensive clinics. 

The clinic will go into detail on the rider and horse biomechanics.

We will target the things that you require help with or that I see as the first element to be addressed. During the lessons, short videos are recorded in the morning sessions so you can see the before and after alterations in the video feedback.

  • Each rider has two lessons a day. The morning lesson is 45 mins long and the afternoon lesson is 30 mins.
  • Late morning we do video feedback of parts of the morning lessons.
  • The theory is also covered before the afternoon-ridden sessions. This goes into horse and rider anatomy and biomechanics.
  • Riding times will be posted before the clinic.

Prices incl GST, flight costs and the indoor arena hire.

Here are the links to book. 
8th-9th Dec ONE SPACE LEFT https://www.annmontgomery.com.au/event/canberra-act-rwym-clinic-with-ann-montgomery-the-mindul-rider/

11th-12th Dec ONE SPACE LEFT

Happy riding everyone 

Love Ann