October 2020 News Letter.

Hi Guys

Well, it’s been a big two months for me and I apologize that last month’s newsletter didn’t happen.

The Starting steps Program has taken over a lot of my time, making videos, documents and putting the material together for the 6 weeks online course.

I am proud of what I have managed to create with the whole purpose of this is to help riders to have a wonderful relationship with their horses. Each step of the program is explaining to both the horse and rider the clear steps to having a great partnership and understanding of each other.

So often I see a partnership struggling because

(a) the horse is confused and doesn’t understand what is required.

(b) The rider can misunderstand this due to been told in the past make the horse respond he HAS to respect you etc etc.

I have also been in that place of not knowing what I know now. But the horse will never respect you if it is forced, especially when he is mentally confused, overwelmed or physically compromised.

The program encompasses in hand work to build a clear understanding of balancing the mind and body of the horse, by staying close to the horse to notice the detail and help direct the body into balance. Then moving to lunging and allowing the horse to feel its newfound balance out on the lunge and then to ridden under saddle with the audio lessons where you start to feel the balance and the work you have done on the ground been carried into your feel sense and awareness.

Each week there is a component of each along with grounding yourself and noticing the emotional side of both you and your horse. Over the weeks the horses understanding turns into confidence and harmony with you the owner.

I have purchased a new platform for this course where I believe it is so easy to navigate your way around.







If you’re wanting to know more about the course click onto this link https://app.podia.com/products/starting-steps

Shortly I will be moving the original Sound system of training onto this platform and individual audio lessons will be available to purchase for those how to want to try it out.

August and September were busy with trips to Albany and Margaret River as well as Oakford and Sunninghill in Stoneville. It is so rewarding for me to see the riders coming on so well by using the audio lessons while I couldn’t travel to them.                                                                      My last day of September took me to Darkan. Although I was thinking I was a bit crazy driving for 2hrs 30mins each way to teach. It ended up really rewarding. I met these gorgeous riders 10 months ago and they are such a delight to teach. They are so grateful for my help and I came home on a total high.     

Unfortunately Equine Structure & Movement Series, part 2. The Workshop with Laura Bird and myself was postponed until 31st October. So we are looking forward to sharing the information of the ridden back of the horse.

Join us for a deeper exploration of the horse and demystify this important understanding of how the body works especially concerning being ridden.

“Once you activate your Xray vision you will never see the horse the same way again.” – Laura Bird

Ann Montgomery and Laura Bird will be joining forces this year to present a series of 3 x 1-day workshops covering the Equine Body. Both Ann and Laura feel passionate about sharing their knowledge to inform horse owners, riders and therapists of the underlying structures that are affected by the rider, tack, and training or by incidents that may have happened to the horse that can affect the posture and movement.

“We can influence them positively or negatively, so understanding those influences is important” – Ann Montgomery

This is the second of three workshops in a series of 3 which will be presented over 2020-2021 “Contact” – “From Head to Hand” (Already completed)

In October I have the following clinics scheduled in and are open for booking

I should have been in NZ and on the East coast, my calendar seems to be a moving target this year.

23rd Friday- Oakford.

24th Saturday- Oakford

25th Sunday- Sunninghill Equestrian centre. Stoneville.

31st Saturday- Keysbrook. Equine Structure and movement series 2. “The ridden back of the horse” with Laura Bird and me.

Until next Month –  Happy Riding.  Best Regards and Love Ann