November 2021 Newsletter.

Hi Lovely people.

As the year rolls closer and closer towards Christmas, I can not believe the year has gone so fast.

As time flies by, it is like a movie that has gone into time-warp speed.
In this fast-paced life we all lead, I see it penetrate the horse world, too, and I have written about it on my Mindful Community Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/mindfulriderscommunity

I often wonder what the hurry is all about? I see riders with their horses in such a hurry to arrive. Make no mistakes. We can all fall into this trap as our lives are on a treadmill of high speed and doing as much as possible in a day, week, month and year. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TV, magazines, and photos show us this fantastic finished product of jumping the big jump, working in wonderful liberty, or doing piaff.

We watch in wonder and want to do the same, capturing that feeling, excitement, and achievement. But the truth is, it takes years and years to reach that level. But, of course, we can rush out and try to be in that place as quickly as possible because we want it so much. The consequences of the fast route are manifold ….. Mental and physical breakdown of the horse’s mind, body, and spirit. They will do it but with a mechanical-robotic way of producing the work before they break. There was a time when horses were at their best in their teens, but nowadays, they are broken mentally and physically often by eight years old.
On a side note, the spinal vertebras have only been fused for one to two years at eight years of age.

Some of you know I am studying again, this time on the HeartMath work that has had 25years of scientific research.
My new study has been bubbling under the surface for several years. I would ask students to breathe in specific ways and get excellent results in both horse and rider. I have been curious and studied, read, experimented, and researched the breath for many years.
But why do I find my heart rate rapidly rises at times, at random moments. I labeled it in many forms. I was a coward, chicken, imagining it, or being overdramatic. But in fact, none of that was actual, and it was a clear signal I was receiving from the horse to wait or be aware.
But the new rabbit hole I am down in this study has given me answers. It has allowed me to embrace what has been tapping me on the shoulder for years and years.
Using the Heartmath methods and technology is already proofing to be influential in my coaching to help horses and riders.

The HeartMath work will be used in this upcoming clinic and future clinics.

Evolve with your horse mindfully—dated 12th December 2021 at Keysbrook.
Ann Montgomery of the Mindful Rider and Michelle Nord of Evolve EQ are coming together to help riders understand how the horse communicates. So often, the horse is giving us cues on what he is thinking and feeling, but as humans, we don’t see, recognise, or hear it. How often do you find yourself as riders caught up in life and are not present when working with our horses. This one-day clinic is an opportunity to explore changing that for the better. Together Michelle and Ann will help you recognise more about your horse and yourself so you can have a beautiful partnership with your horse. This clinic is suitable for riding horses or horses starting their journey into being ridden in the future.

This clinic is fully booked to watch out for the future for us doing more. 

A number of these clinics will be running next year so keep an eye out on Facebook and my website calendar if you are interested.

Other Clinics planned to finalise and close this year.

Margaret River district. (Metricup)
Friday Afternoon 3rd December Private lessons (Contact me via messenger to book your place)
Date: Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December, Clinic format for nine riders.
You can book one day or both to consolidate your learning.
Lessons are 45 mins.
I will show parts of your lessons via video feedback after a few riders have ridden.
Booking is via my website, and this is the direct link. https://www.annmontgomery.com.au/event/margaret-river-mindful-rider-clinic-15/

Date: Saturday 11th December, Clinic format for nine riders.
Lessons are 45 mins.
I will show parts of your lessons via video feedback after a few riders have ridden.
Booking is via my website, and this is the direct link. https://www.annmontgomery.com.au/event/oakford-mindful-rider-clinic-28/

When I finish my last clinic on 12th December, I will be taking it easy for a while to review my year and start planning my 2022 Calander. Already venues are asking for me to book them in, and I look forward to working with you all again next year.

A freindly reminder our Sound system of training now has over 60 audio lessons to choose from to help you stay motovated and focused. Maybe you would like to buy a friend a moth or two subscription for Christmas contact me if you want to do that. If your ready to join us. 

 Here is the link https://annmontgomery.podia.com/tsst-membership 


Just in case I don’t get back to you before Christmas, I would like to thank you all for your tremendous support over 2021.
I hope you all have a beautiful Christmas shared with family, friends and, of cause your adorable horses and other pets.

Love and Best Wishes

Ann Montgomery
“The Mindful Rider”