How can Neuro-Linquistic Programming improve my riding ?

A coach with NLP training can help you to become aware of your own blocks and find ways to resolve them.  These can be physical habits, emotional habits eg self-fulfilling prophesies (‘I’ll never be brave enough to jump or go out in the bush) or even a lack of empathy and communication with your horse.

In the same way that RWYM™ breaks the physical techniques used by elite riders into individual components, which can then be adopted by everyday riders, NLP can help us replicate effective mental processes and form strong habits that foster confidence and improve motivation.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) ?

The Australian Board of NLP, defines it as :

“a powerful body of information about how the human mind works built up since the 1970`s and continuing to evolve through new research. You are likely to find many different descriptions of NLP. At the heart of NLP is a wide range of methods and models it offers for understanding how people think, behave and change. It offers a flexible approach which brings about positive, fast change in individuals and organisations and empowers them to adapt to an ever-shifting world. NLP training provides the skills to define and achieve your outcomes or goals and a heightened awareness of your five senses, allowing you to remain flexible, on track and maintain rapport with those around you.”

How does NLP work ?

“NLP is the study of excellence. It is the study of both the conscious and unconscious processes that combine to enable people to do what they do. The key to success is often unknown at a conscious level. Using NLP you can elicit these unknown pieces. You may want to improve your relationships, or eliminate an anxiety, or become more competitive in the market place. The key pieces are not found in the muscles, but in your inner thoughts, like words or pictures, or feelings or even beliefs. Once you know these unknown pieces you can change them. NLP exercises are like thought experiments, mental exercises or a game. The laboratory is your mind.”

How can an NLP Coach help me ?

“An NLP Coach will be able to help you to achieve your goals, overcome blocks and help you create a well-formed goal for the future, create resources to help you get to your desired state and clear any blocks, limits and interferences which may stand in your way. Examples of some issues an NLP Therapist may be able to help you with include: increasing self confidence, self-esteem, self-belief and self-worth, anxiety, negative emotions, fears/phobias and self-doubt ; changing beliefs, strategies, thought patterns, behaviour patterns, and more.”