Newsletter May 2019

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Hi All, It’s been a really busy month for me, full of great opportunities and learning.

The Belinda Bolsenbroek clinic was fantastic. I was so humbled by her depth of knowledge, compassion and delivery of information. Throughout my life I have met and watched coaches from all over the world and attended many clinics but Belinda has been the best to date. Her theory was just what I was looking for in the depth of detail, the lessons …… well, she read every horse within minutes of seeing them. Her attention to detail (although it may have been small detail) was immensely important to making the necessary changes. I have to say I was so pleased I had my RWYM knowledge under my belt to be able to adjust my body quickly to what was required. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to experience working with such a true master of horsemanship.

Whenever I attend a clinic, I’m always concerned that the coach may want to over-push my big-hearted Heidi. It has happened so many times in the past and I have to say Heidi went into the first session with a heavy heart and a look of sadness. Belinda’s first comment was that Heidi holds her breath and needs to learn to breathe and use her diaphragm. In the second session she started to breathe and during the third she was even better. Each session was 30 minutes long. We did three sessions over the two days and I was left just wanting more. 

In April I travelled over East for nine days teaching three clinics. Sally Letts invited and hosted me in Canberra and it was lovely to see so much enthusiasm from new riders and to catch up with old students who have moved to Canberra. Lovely friendly facilities were provided at Sherony Park.

Rockhampton was also a new venue and riders. Madeline Chery and Her partner Glen of Capricorn Equestrian Center made me so welcome, providing me with a dry as a bone to keep my dry and warm as the heavens opened and it turned cold, I kept joking that it was going to snow on their beautiful mountain that created a magnificent back drop to the arena and lessons. There was no power at this venue but it was no problem as the Generator was fired up and the fire lite to boil the billy can.
Last stop Mackay, this time I drove 4 hours with Anita Evers, horses in tow as Anita had attended the clinic in Rockhampton, it was great to do this road trip and see the changing countryside.
Yet again the heavens opened but no worries this time as thanks to Anita who had organised a wonderful newly built indoor at Champion C stud and equestrian center, lots of new faces and familiar faces topping up on improving the seat and balance to improve the balance and comfort of the horse. 

This months date of lessons or clinics are as follows;
3rd Murray Riding Club
5th Stoneville clinic
10th PM only Oakford clinic
11th Oakford clinic
12th Harvey
18-19 Albany clinic (some private lessons maybe available on the 17th and 20th)
24th some private lessons maybe available on route to M River contact me for details. 25-26th Margret River Clinic

1-2nd Darwin Clinic 1
3-4th Darwin clinic 2

Book online https://annmontgomery.com.au/calendar/

By the way for those of you who wonder what is the difference between lessons and a clinic format?

  • Lessons have an lesson for an hour.
  • Clinics have the options to have video feedback and discussion of the private lesson which is 45 mins long. 

For more info and booking information of these clinics please go to the calendar on my website.

Happy Riding