Newsletter March 2020

Hi Guys.

Well, it has been an interesting month for me.  

I have enjoyed sharing and discussing with the riders who have attended two of my contact clinics so far that have been held in Albany and Oakford. 

The Telerein has brought some great information to the riders and awareness that they can now work on. What is interesting since I have got the Data recording on the Telerein working, there is a trend that most riders are left-hand dominate. I am also collecting information now on if the rider is left or right-handed, and is the horse right or left bent in his body. 

All the riders on the clinics receive the data chart after the clinic when I had got home and downloaded it. 

My last Contact Clinic is on 7-8th March in Margaret River and that will conclude the contact section of the themed clinics in 2020. Of cause it doesn’t mean we stop learning, discussing contact because we need to always be discovering and growing in our knowledge.  

To conclude each section of the themed clinic’s I am teaming up with Laura Bird of One Spirit Animal Therapies, to do unmountedworkshops and delve into the skeletal and muscles involved in the area of our themed clinics. Laura is a highly qualified Bowen Therapists of both horses and humans. This workshop titled Equine Structure & Movement Series, part 1. From Head to Hand, it will be held on 21st March at Keysbrook. Together we will go into a deeper exploration of the horse and demystify this important understanding of how the body works especially concerning being ridden. Bookings are available on the website, here is the link https://annmontgomery.com.au/event/equine-structure-movement-series-part-1-from-head-to-hand/

The next set of themed clinics will start in August and will be on ‘Improving the seat and efficiency of the rider’.

You may have noticed I have been a lot more active on Facebook. I have so many thoughts in my head I want to share. Its has taken a lot of self talk to pluck up the courage to do this. Hense the Facebook avalanche of posts has begun. 

I had a massive shock this week when I did a post on the connection of the riders tongue affecting the horse’s tongue. 

One person after another shared it, the positive comments flooded in. I was taken back because I expected my close network to only look at it. People from all over the world were asking if they could translate it into Czech and Spanish. To date, it has been shared by 2.1K and viewed by 338,811 people. I am still in disbelief that so many would read my post, but also very happy and grateful for all the wonderful comments and discussions that it created. 

Thank you if you commented or liked it.   

Up and coming “The Mindful Rider” clinics.


6th March: Margaret River WA, Private lessons please contact me directly for booking. 

7-8th March: Margaret River WA, Themed Contact Clinic.

13th-14th March: Oakford WA,  Mindful rider clinic. 

21st March: Keysbrook WA, Equine Structure & Movement Series, part 1. From Head to Hand workshop. 

23rd March: Coolup WA, Murray Riding Club please contact the club directly for booking. 


3-4th April: Oakford WA, Mindful rider clinic.

5th April: Stoneville WA, Sunninghill Equestrian Centre, Mindful rider clinic. 

17th April: Coolup WA, Murray Riding Club, please contact the club directly for booking.

24-26th April: I will be on Belinda Bolsenbroek Master class. EXCITING  

Happy Riding 

Best Regards