Newsletter April 2019

Hi All

It’s been a busy few weeks with Jenni and I doing our Mind and Body Mastery clinics in Keysbrook and Albany. Hence the newsletter is very late this month.

This year was our 5th year of running these clinics together in Perth. For both Jenni and myself it is so gratifying to see the great changes in both horse and rider as the deeper understanding begins to be cemented into the body and mind. We love working together.

Next year Jenni and I will be doing it all again at about the same time of year. But in addition to the normal Mind and Body clinics, we will hold a new version of what we have already created over 3 days and 3 nights with the riders sleeping over here. So, fine-tuning it, to get more detail and practice over the 3 days, this will also entail early morning Pilates and working into the evening. It is only in the early concept stage as yet but we are both excited about this new idea and have begun brain-storming how we will put it all together.

I feel really lucky to work with Jenni as she offers so much, not only in the physical body but also the emotional body which often blocks a person’s progress. I have seen massive changes in many of you over the past 5 years

If anyone feels they would like a remote session with Jenni, you need to contact her via messenger (Jenni Abdelnoor) to make a booking. Sessions are 1 hour long and $NZ111.00. The call is usually via messenger or Skype and payment is via Paypal for her international clients. Several riders, including myself, have done this over the past few years and it actually works really well.  

In two weeks time I will be in Canberra, Rockhampton and Mackay for 10 days so at the end of this month I won’t be available to do lessons.

I have cancelled Oakford on the 13th April and Harvey on the 14th due to doing some personal development which will increase my own knowledge to pass onto my students. This is a two day clinic with Belinda Bolsenbroek and will go in depth into the in-hand work which I enjoy and feel is so important to teaching the horse more body awareness, balance and reaction to subtle aids. I believe Belinda is a true master of in-hand and classical training.  

I will continue next month with the Riding Themes as this month has been far too busy with the Body Mastery Clinics.  

12th Oakford
21-22nd Canberra NSW
24-25th Rockhampton Qld.
27-28th Mackay Qld.

3rd Murray ARC
4-5th Stoneville
10-11th Oakford
12th Harvey
18-19th Albany. (Some private lessons maybe available on Friday 17th and Monday 20th contact Sarah Williams to book ; tegz1@hotmail.com)
25-26th Margaret River. (Some private lessons maybe available on Friday 24th contact Ann on infoannmontgomery@bordernet.com.au or text on 0407070311)

Happy Riding