May 2021 Newsletter

Hi Beautiful Riders, 
I thought I would let you know about the exciting new platform for “The Sound System of Training”. 
What is “The Sound System of Training”?  If you don’t know about the amazing way of building your riding skills, it is where all my online training started over a year ago. I started making recordings for my students to listen to while they ride to an arena pattern.

This is an audio system of training that riders from all over the world can access, distance is not an issue with the audio lesson. Each week a new lesson comes out either in the 60×20 arena or 40×20 arena. In these lessons, I talk you through a pattern format that you will ride, you receive the pattern plan with your audio download. You set up your arena, plug in your earphones and follow my coaching instructions.  

We have a Closed Facebook group where we communicate and I do regular Facebook lives. In these sessions, I answer questions that you may have or have a discussion on a subject that you can all join in on. 
We have recently moved to a new platform with Podia, which you may be already familiar with if you have attended some of my other online courses.   

I have now updated and changed the membership and what I can provide for the riders.

At the end of April, the old membership ended, and you can now join on the new podia platform.  

There are now three membership options for you to choose from:
Platinum option: For those riders who are keen to take their riding to the next level. It is limited to only eight people committed to a year of learning through private online or face to face lessons and masterclass training. 
Priced at $88.00 per month or $960.00 per year. 
Gold option: This is what you have been subscribing to already, but now you will have the addition of 10% off any clinic you attend and 20% off any online courses I run. 
Priced at $40.00 per month or $395.00 per year. 
Silver option: This is only the audio lessons and arena plans. 
Priced at $30.00 per month or $288 per year. 

This is a chart of what is available at each level.
There are now over 60 audio lessons, and I am still continually adding to this library.
The lessons: I have now split the lessons into four categories, so there is still a gradual step up the training pyramid.    
Level 1. Coming back into work. 
Level 2. Preparatory – Preliminary.
Level 3. Preliminary – Novice.
Level 4. Novice – Elementary.
Level 5. It is going to be added later in the year (Elementary – Medium)
I have also added categories for : All the FB live recordings. All the Zoom meetings with our guest speakers. Coaching tips, videos and reference material.   
So you can see I have been busy over the past few months improving what I deliver in “The Sound System of Training”. Basically, the cost is less than a few cups of coffee a week. 
I have been so thrilled to watch all progress of so many riders in this past year. The audio lessons have helped so many in the competition arena, and I loved it when they sent me messages with updates and results.
The riders who don’t compete, I have seen a purpose to get out and ride because now they had structure to their training. The improvement in horses and riding skills has been brilliant. Both horse and rider looking happy, content and confident as they do the lessons each week.

Let me not forget to mention the improvement not just in the horse’s muscular system, strength, suppleness. Seeing the mental improvement has just blown me away. This is because working with compassion and understanding of your horse’s body and mind creates a true partnership. 

Although COVID is still haunting us all, and still we are having to cope with sudden lockdowns. Fortunately, the sound system of training is the way forward and you can still have a lesson every day. Just load it onto your phone and go out ride with me in your ear no matter when you decide to ride. As your friends complain, they miss their lessons, you can still have me coaching you every day.

This is what people are saying about the audio lessons. 

“These lessons will give me the consistency that I lack. I am loving it. I like also following your track as it gives me a good indication of how slow/ fast we are going. The other thing I really noticed is my concentration helps Eleanor from being distracted from things. There were workmen on the road, she looked but stayed with me. Normally she would need to stop and look. So this is helping us in many ways.”
Georgina K

I’ll be feeling lesson 2 tomorrow Ann!! What a work out, those walk/trot transitions were both fun and challenging. I even enjoyed the halts …. big call coming from a speed demon! You are really good at this audio lesson thing. Thank you!!!! (From me, and from my horses who are going so much better by end of each lesson)
Amanda D

“An absolutely wonderful program. I love having Ann’s voice in my ear keeping me on task while connecting my and my horse’s bodies, movements and minds. Highly recommend this program. The added bonus is to be able to ask questions and connect to the FB group.”
Kajsa W

For those who have joined us over the past year. I want to thank you all for your fantastic support and enthusiasm. I thought you might like to know how things have changed and improved. Let us all continue our beautiful Tribes audio dance of success. 

Best Wishes
Ann Montgomery “The Mindful Rider”