June 2020 NewsLetter

Hi Guys

Well, it looks like a business can start to slowly return to some sort of new normal.  

I am going to start my clinics up at some venues and this will be at Oakford on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th June, followed by Stoneville at Sunninghill Equestrian Centre on the Sunday 7th June.


I have also just booked the indoor for Margaret River for 18-19th July at Yalambi Farm stud. So the winter weather doesn’t stop us having lessons in July. 


For the time been, we will not do the group sessions for the video feedback, to maintain the social distancing and I will ask you all to bring your own Ipad or phone and I will record directly onto your phone or device and discuss as the lesson is in progress any important items for you to see or at the end of the lesson. Make sure you have space on your phone for the lessons to go on, if you don’t want to do this I will record on my Ipad and show you during the lesson.


I have purchased a speaker so you can hear me, we can still use the headsets but only if you bring your earpieces, as your earpieces will plug into the unit of my usual system. You can use whichever you are comfortable with.


The sound system of training is going well. We now have 50 members. The FB lives have been proving to be challenging with my poor internet, so I have looked into other options. Fingers crossed as I have now changed supplier, and so far it’s looking good so Wednesday will be the tryout. It will be a luxury after me sitting in my car down the hill each Wednesday evening, with my torch, Ipad and phone. Thank you to all that have joined us and are enthusiastic and encouraging each other.


So in May, I did a three week online Master Class with Belinda Bolsenbroek, 6 of us took part. And yes it had its challenges. Each week we had to video ourselves doing work with our horses, I chose to do in handwork and ridden. I am grateful to Laura Thompson and Amy ONeill who offered to be my film crew. Getting good video showing the detail is paramount for Belinda to see the detail. Then the video has to be loaded onto YouTube (I went down the hill again to upload this)from there Belinda watches it. Then every Sunday for the past 3 weeks we all got together online and watched the video with Belinda pausing it, and going into incredible detail of what was happening and how we needed to fix it. She had amazing slides which she drew on some of them going inside the horse to see muscle connections that she was referring to. Each week we were given homework and had to show it in the next week’s video. The learning experience was brilliant, 6 hours each Sunday of intense learning from each other. Did I get bored, distracted or lose focus, NO NOT ONCE, I was totally absorbed in every detail, but slept well after taking part. Each week I had to find a friend’s house (Thank you Laura’s) with decent internet to take part in the 6-hour lessons. We get the recording of all the sessions so we can go through it again, and again. I feel so lucky to be part of this Master class and thankful I grabbed the opportunity last year when she first came over. I am overflowing with enthusiasm and just want to ride.

Here’s hoping we can now start to continue with the clinics and lesson at least in WA, I’m missing seeing my girls in Darwin, Brisbane, Canberra and Mackay. But with luck maybe I can see them later in the year. My whole calendar is having to be reorganized atm.


See some of you soon, in the meanwhile happy riding.


Best Wishes