March 2022 Newsletter.

Hi Lovely people.
There is quite a lot to talk about in this newsletter; grab a glass of your favourite beverage and enjoy.  

The Mindful Rider’s Nurturing Retreat, on 18-20th March  The most amazing weekend of tranquillity, new friendships and learnings.  Thankfully the beautiful Michelle Nord from Evolve EQ assisted me the whole weekend again, which added to the organisation and success of the weekend. 

These retreats seem to bring together such a lovely bunch of like-minded people, with plenty of laughs, relaxing, walking, riding, sharing stories and some beautiful new friendships.  The horses… how lucky are these horses, with owners wanting to develop and dive into their skills and knowledge to be better for their sentient friends.  Both Michelle Nord and I were humbled to see some returned faces, some horses now self-loading in floats, and some of the happiest horses I’ve ever met.  We went on a dive into how our nervous system works, spent time immersed in nature, had the most gloriously relaxing yoga session, sound healing, meditation, and soaked up the glory of new memories made.  As much as the full moon kept herself a hidden secret by not appearing from behind the clouds. She charged up some incredible transformations, learnings, awakenings. Amazing things happen when you stop to spend some time on yourself.  Our next and final retreat for the 2022 Nurturing retreat for horses and riders will be over the weekend of 9-11th of  September.  I have decided to leave the May retreat as I am going to Darwin and was trying to push in too much. 

  Activate Your Animal Intuition workshop with Laura Bird. 13th & 23rd April. Keysbrook.

As a forever student, I have approached Laura Bird about helping me to heighten my animal communication skills.  Hense ‘I’m excited to be hosting a workshop on animal communication at my place in Keysbrook.   

Foundation Workshop Animal Communication 1: Activation with International Animal Communicator & Healer – Laura Bird If the key to your intuitive gifts lies in the heart, then there is no better way to activate it than with the help of the animals. Not only do they speak with their hearts and remind us of our authentic and primal selves, but they take us into a silent space where we are all one and remind us how to listen… really listen. Laura has over 20 years of professional experience listening to, healing and translating between humans and animals of all species in Australia & overseas.

This 2-day workshop delivers the foundations of what Laura has learned (or remembered) and can help bring your natural abilities back into your conscious awareness. The exercises and foundation principles shared will also focus on your desire to understand productive intuitive growth and expansion. Laura Bird of One Spirit offers workshops and courses with simple yet profound techniques and systems that open up your awareness of how we are all connected, how the animals are our teachers & guides and how through helping them we are activated.

This class is delivered over a pre-workshop webinar on Tuesday 12th April and a 1-day in-person training on Saturday 23rd April and will share the 5 steps of every animal communication exchange and simple techniques to help you with each step. Discover or expand your subtle senses and have your intuition validated and individually coached. Learn basic exercises to shift your brainwave frequency to make the exchange of energetic information more easily, clear your mind, enter your heart and receive insight and understanding. Embrace what is possible when you honour this simple process and realise your deepest hopes for what is possible to share between the species.

Comprehensive Manual, meditation audio downloads and webinar access included. A yummy light lunch will be provided, plus tea, coffee and cake.

Only you need to attend and not your horses.    Investment: $330 

You will be invoiced for your payment once we receive your booking. Here is the link to book your place. https://www.annmontgomery.com.au/event/activate-your-animal-intuition-workshop-with-laura-bird/  

You might wonder what the difference is between a lesson or participating in a clinic.  

If you come to me for a lesson, you have your one on one lesson that lasts between 45mins – 1 hour.

You can also choose to do a ridden session, an in-hand session, or both. You then load up and go home.    

Clinics accommodate 9 per day, in private 45-minute lessons, with video feedback and a mini-workshop at lunchtime and again at the end of the day.

You can choose to ride on a single day or both days. It is not necessary to ride on both days of a clinic.  

You will either ride in the morning or afternoon and indicate this on your booking form, along with if you want video feedback or not.  

If riders are time-poor, they can choose to have no video FB and leave after their lesson; then, your lesson will be for an hour. 

Clinics can be structured to enable riders to leave shortly after their lesson or stay for the day to watch other lessons and participate in the video feedback- mini-workshop. 

Clinics are run over one or two days and arranged according to the weather.  


The Sound System of Training, membership program.

Don’t forget to check out my membership program. The Sound System of Training was named this because it’s a sound, structured training method. To take you mindfully, step by step, in training your horse, yourself, your self-awareness and riding skills. 

It’s also called The Sound System of Training because it is an audio recording of a lesson. I talk you through step by step, what to do, what to notice, how to position yourself and your horse. Then, I split it into small steps to let you and your horse find clarity and understanding.  

If you are curious, you can download a free lesson to try it out. https://annmontgomery.podia.com/free-taster-lesson/buy  

If you want to know more about the membership learning options, click here: https://annmontgomery.podia.com/tsst-membership?  

Several riders have asked me about doing online lessons, these are riders who live a long way from me, and some are in other states.  

If you wonder how it all works, here is a rundown of how we do these lessons. 

  1. You do a short video of you riding for 10- 15mins; you load it onto youtube and make it unlisted, so no one can see it unless they have the link.  
  2. You send me the link, and I watch it. 
  3. I make notes on what I want to point out to you and work on it.
  4. I will then organize a Zoom meeting to watch the video together. 
  5. I pause the video in this zoom meeting and show you the details if I feel this is needed. I will also show you pictures or short videos of things I want you to understand in more depth.
  6. We set up homework, which gives you a structured way forward.
  7. You can then book another lesson when you feel ready to continue with your next step in training.

The whole zoom meeting is recorded and sent to you later to download onto your computer. This means you can watch it, again and again, to remind you of what was said or what you needed to do. 

If you want to know more contact me via email or messenger.  

This is what riders are saying about the online lessons. 

Ok—- When you choose to do an online lesson, it can be a little daunting. My online lesson with Ann was filled with advice at a specific ‘marked’ moment in time on the video, when and how I could have made a change to have a better outcome.

Ann takes away the stress and anxiety with her friendly approach, relevant instructions and homework. My online lesson was recorded, and I can now go over the lesson to really understand and improve my riding and to be able to help my mare to become more correct in her movements.

This lesson was really filled with information that I can use to go forward. I loved it and will be working towards the next one.

Carol H (WA)  


I bought a young stock horse last year, and at first, things were going well. I managed to have one lesson with Ann Montgomery while visiting Darwin ( actually my fourth ride on my new boy), and things looked promising.

Then suddenly, he started exhibiting a pain response when I rode him. I did the usual saddle check, went to the vet, treated him for ulcers, got him a massage, spelled him, rehabbed him..you name it; I tried it. Things still didn’t improve, then one day, I saw him standing in a very strange stance in the paddock.

I promptly sent photos of him standing like this to my vet and various interstate coaches. Ann came back immediately with a possible diagnosis and a plan of action. I was so relieved as I had no idea where to go next after spending a fortune at the vets. Ann gave me an online zoom lesson, including a short video of what to do, then uploaded the lesson to the cloud.

Since then, I have been following Ann’s program to try and rehab my lovely young horse. It has been a challenge as it has been very hot, and the flies have been driving the horse nuts while trying to work with him, but today I finally had a breakthrough and achieved the aim of the lesson.

I am so grateful for Ann’s input, help and advice. It was calm, thoughtful and came from a biomechanics approach. I can not recommend Ann more highly as she has been a guiding light when I was getting so much unhelpful advice.

Jane P (NT)  

What’s coming up in the future:

 26-27 March. Margaret River ( Metricup) Mindful Rider Clinic.  Here is the link to book your place: https://www.annmontgomery.com.au/event/margaret-river-mindful-rider-clinic-17/  

2nd April. Keysbrook Mindful Rider Clinic.  Here is the link to book your place: https://www.annmontgomery.com.au/event/keysbrook-wa-mindful-rider-clinic-2/  

13th & 23rd April. Keysbrook. Activate your animal intuition workshop.  With international Animal communicator & healer Laura Bird.  Here is the link to book your place: https://www.annmontgomery.com.au/event/activate-your-animal-intuition-workshop-with-laura-bird/  

30 April -1st May. Margaret River ( Metricup) Mindful Rider Clinic. Here is the link to book your place: https://www.annmontgomery.com.au/event/margaret-river-mindful-rider-clinic-18/  

19-20 May Darwin NT Contact me if you wish to attend these clinics. 

21-22 May Darwin NT Contact me if you wish to attend these clinics.    

Happy riding everyone 

Love Ann    

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