July 2020 Newsletter.

Hi Guys

Ekkkkk I am a bit late getting my newsletter done this month.

I guess I feel there isn’t a lot going on, as normally I would be doing my clinics and travelling so I feel I don’t have a lot to say.

But business is beginning to start to get going again.

I just did a clinic at Oakford and that went well, we weren’t up to our normal numbers but a lot of people were away with it being the school holidays.

In the meanwhile, Margaret River is already fully booked two weeks before the date of the Clinic, which is fantastic. I wasn’t taking any chances and booked the indoor at Yalambi farm Stud, bad weather is not going to stop us. It is going to be great to see the regular riders and get to know the new riders and their horses. It is also a chance to catch up with friends.

On the 25th Laura Bird and myself are doing our Head to Hand workshop which was pushed back in March when the COVID 19 hit. I have just opened up booking again yesterday and the orders were coming in today.

Join us for a deeper exploration of the horse and demystify this important understanding of how the body works especially concerning being ridden.

“Once you activate your Xray vision you will never see the horse the same way again.” – Laura Bird

Ann Montgomery and Laura Bird will be joining forces this year to present a series of 3 x 1-day workshops covering the Equine Body. Both Ann and Laura feel passionate about sharing their knowledge to inform horse owners, riders and therapists of the underlying structures that are affected by the rider, tack, training or by incidents that may have happened to the horse that can affect the posture and movement.

“We can influence them positively or negatively, so understanding those influences is important” – Ann Montgomery

This is the first of three workshops in a series of 3 which will be presented over 2020 and will coincide with the themed clinics that are also taking place over the year.

“Contact” – “From Head to Hand” 25th July.

“The Riders Seat” – “The Ridden Back” 5th September.

“The Timing of the Aids” – “The Hindquarter Engine” 31st October.

What You Can Expect:

In this friendly and relaxed environment learn that “nerding” can be fun as we investigate the skull and neck of the horse, both the skeletal structures with our real moving skeleton Jane and then the main muscles and ligaments with the help of live horsey friends.

We also have other horse bones to work with and you will be handling and working together to discover firsthand the detailed structure we sit on and work with on a daily bases. Gather a genuinely more solid awareness of the beauty of the anatomy and function of the horse.

Experiment with the influence of pressure of the front of the horse using the Telerein.

Price: 180.00 inc a light lunch, tea, coffee biscuits and cake.

To book https://www.annmontgomery.com.au/event/equine-structure-movement-series-part-1-from-head-to-hand/?preview_id=7900&preview_nonce=5317b94d3c&_thumbnail_id=9656&preview=true

I am also working on a young horse Audio program that will be over 12 week period. I’m hoping to have this launched by the 1st of August.

There will be lots of material in this program helping you bring along a young horse in a way that gives confidence to both the horse and the rider as they work together forming an understanding of each other emotional and physical needs. I will help you notice weaknesses or lack of awareness which leads to incorrect posture. Incorrect posture usually leads to un-soundness over time. And this is what I want you to start to notice and correct as the young horse grows and develops.

My thoughts are that as you complete this young horse program you and your horse should be ready to continue with the existing “Sound System of Training” if you wish to.

Up and coming events and Clinics


18-19th July. Margaret River at Yalambi Farm Stud indoor arena. Fully booked but you can go onto the waiting list.

25th July. Head to Hand Workshop at Keysbrook WA.


14th August: Oakford Private lessons

15-16th August: Oakford: Two days themed clinic on improving the seat efficiency of the rider.

21st August: Albany Private lessons

22-23rd August: Albany: Two days themed clinic on improving the seat efficiency of the rider.

30th August: Sunninghill Mindful Rider Clinic.

Hope to see you all soon, stay safe, stay warm and stay dry.

Happy Riding