Gift Vouchers

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Looking for the perfect gift for a friend ?  Gift Vouchers solve your problem in a stylish and flexible way.

Gift Voucher Value

A gift voucher can be purchased for any amount you like, in the currency of any country that Ann teaches in.

Buying a Gift Voucher

Simply complete the form on this page and forward it to Ann.  She will send a Paypal invoice to you by email and as soon as payment has been received, will dispatch the Gift Voucher in the way you have specified.

Redeeming a Gift Voucher

The recipient of the Gift Voucher can use it as payment/part payment for a lesson with Ann Montgomery or any of the guest instructors featured on Ann’s website.  When they are ready to use the voucher, they simply contact Ann by email and arrange to redeem it.

Not sure and have some questions ?  Email Ann for more information.

Gift Voucher

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Still not sure what the best option is for you ?  Call or email Ann and ask for guidance based on your individual circumstances.