February 2021 Newsletter

Hi lovely riders.

Oh my goodness I have been slack in doing my newsletters over the past few months.

Since my last newsletter in October, I have managed to have a lot of education from Belinda Bolsenbroek, I am lucky to be working with her. I have done two online master classes, and on the last one, I managed to get both Heidi and Malibu on it so it was double learning on two significantly different horses in type and temperament. Added to this, whenever she is doing other online masterclasses, I quickly sign up and watch to learn more. These masterclasses are for 6 riders only and are run over 3 weeks. Each week you see the improvement from the homework set each week. For me, it’s motivating and inspiring to do this work, learn from Belinda and hand it on.

I have started work on my “Next Steps” online program, a follow-up on “Starting Steps”. It has taken a lot of my time producing material and structure to this ongoing training platform for you and your horse. But I have so enjoyed putting it together, and it is becoming less stressful on the computer side of things.
In the “Next Steps” program, we are working towards lateral work, in hand and starting shoulder-in and haunches-in. While still working on our lunging with increased body language communication and shaping the horse with subtle cues to balance them and improve posture.
Each audio ridden lesson increases the balance challenge and helps you notice more and more fine detail about your horse and yourself.

So far we have had 34 people have gone through the starting steps, and some of the changes to horses has been excellent in the muscle development as the “Starting Steps” program progressed the horses built muscle for better function and movement. The other big difference for some horses was the emotional change as they became more in balance; they became more calm and confident in mind.
We have one horse that is 23yrs, and he looks so much younger now in body, eye and spirit as he lets go of brace but builds up the correct muscle function and carriage.

The Original Sound System of Training is about to also go through a change. I will be changing it to a membership program from the end of the month, and the current subscription will end.

I have noticed people keep feeling they are getting left behind, with this membership, you won’t need to feel that pressure anymore.

It is not quite ready yet, but you will be the first to know when we are ready to launch it, and we will send you the link. All the existing subscribers will get a free month as a thank you for your continued support.  

In my new layout and membership, you will choose what lesson you want to do, following where you are in your training, or if you need an easy session to relax or supple your horse. Some members may need more of a challenge because you have a goal or competition in mind.

In our new membership, I will add new lessons weekly, and I will let you know on the FB page which category the new lesson has been placed. I will be spreading new lessons into different categories and not just going to a higher and higher training level.

When we move to the new membership, you will see it is split into categories so you can choose what you need on that day or week.

Our new exciting categories are as follows.
(1) 20m circles.
(2)15m circles and half-circles.
(3) 10m circles and half-circles.
(4) Leg yields.
(5) Counter Canter (will be added)
(6) Shoulder-in (will be added)
(7) Haunches in-Travers (will be added)
(8) Renvers (will be added)
(9) Half pass (will be added)

What will be available in the NEW membership?

  1. Added to the membership this year will be monthly Zoom meetings with a guest speaker. You will have a taste of this on the 17th February with Andy Wearing of “My Equine Dentist” (Check out their FB page, “My Equine Dentist”).
  2. In these meetings, you will join the forum via the Zoom link posted on Mindful Riders Tribe FB page; you can ask questions as it is happening in the chatbox or on the FB page before you can’t make it.
  3. As a member, you will still be part of the FB group that keeps you all up to date with what is happening and an opportunity of asking questions.
  4. We will still have the FB live sessions twice a month to bring up questions or subjects you would like to discuss.
  5. As a member, you will get a 20% discount on any of the online programs I am running.

I will no longer load the lessons onto the FB units/now called Guides you will download directly from the podia.
I hope you will enjoy the new format as part of the Mindful riders tribe as we step into a new era of growth and exciting new additions and lessons.

I’m excited to have you join me as we grow this outstanding product to help so many horses and riders to improve at an affordable cost of less than $10 per week. You can’t get a lesson for that price and all added extras included with this Audio system of training. Contact me if you want more details.

Apart from all this is I have been out conducting clinics. January kicked off with Oakford and Margaret River fully booked, immediately followed by a five-day lockdown which made my drive back home slow as everyone tried to get home before 6 pm on Sunday. The first day of lockdown had us all watching the horrendous fires that raged and effected so many of my students, friends and colleagues. Watching it all unfold was terrible as our hearts went out to so many losing homes, fencing, and so much. Thankfully it started raining last night helping with the fire situation and lockdown has been downgraded.

This weekend, 12-14th February I will be in Albany Equestrian centre doing lessons on Friday 12th January and the timing of the aids clinic on the Sat-Sun. The weekend booked fully but Friday afternoon has a few spaces available for private lessons. Contact me if you want a lesson on Friday.
Our next Clinic at Oakford will be on Friday 19th & Saturday 20th February. Booking is open; you can book by clicking on this link. https://www.annmontgomery.com.au/event/oakford-mindful-rider-clinic-20/

March clinics.
Friday. 12th March Margaret River/ Metricup. Private lessons: Contact me via messenger.
Sat-Sun. 13-14th March. Margaret River/ Metricup: Clinic format you can book for one or both days.
Fri 19th & Sat 20th March. Oakford: Clinic format you can book for one or both days.

I’m hoping you will join me soon either in a live face to face lesson or on one of my online programs.

Happy riding.

Love and best wishes