Coaching Insurance

Ann is insured as an Equestrian Coach with Affinity Risk Partners under Equine & Leisure Liability.


By booking a lesson in a clinic with Ann, you confirm that you have signed the required Risk Waiver Form and returned it to Ann for her records.

Having coaching insurance is a necessary part of being a coach. The coaching insurance aims to protect both the student and the coach.

I have had many students say to me, “Oh, I have my own insurance, and I would never sue you”, but that would not protect me. If a situation arose (I hope it never does) of a rider being seriously injured and ending up in a wheelchair, or worse. That rider may be in a situation of having no option and getting money to support themselves into the future. They may need to draw on any options available to survive.  

This is why coaches have insurance to cover that situation. Of course, some coaches choose not to have insurance as it is so expensive. Coaches have to do a lot of lessons just to cover the coaching insurance.

You must consider if you want to take that risk when choosing a coach with no insurance. These coaches can offer cheaper lessons as the overheads are less, but the risk is higher.  

If you have an objection to signing the Risk Waiver Form, you are obliged to tell us prior to to the start of your lesson.