August Newsletter

Well the months seem to have run away from me as we find ourselves in August already.

Last month I experimented with using a few new venues, which gave us the safety and comfort of two gorgeous indoor arenas, one at Yalambi Farm Stud near Margaret River and the other at Oakford Equine Hospital in Oakford. It was a bit of a treat and ensured we could continue with lessons even if it poured down in the winter months. Both venues had wonderful surfaces and for the rest of this year we will continue to use Yalambi Farm Stud, but will return home to Rebecca’s venue on Peter’s Way later this month for lessons in the Oakford area.

The Oakford Clinic was our second Lateral Clinic in the series and the last one will be in Albany on 24-25th August. This Albany Clinic only has 1 space left but if there is enough demand we could add in the 26-27th Mon-Tues to accommodate more riders.

Jane is finally on her way! Who on earth is Jane you maybe asking….. Jane is an Equine Skeleton I have been trying to get over here from Qld, which was generously given to me by Anita Evers. Jane is going to be a valuable asset to use for coaching and clinic teaching. I feel privileged to be given the responsibility for Jane to live with me and share her story.

Some of you may be familiar with Anita, however for those of you who are not, Anita is a hoof trimmer and endurance rider, as well as a starter and trainer of horses. She has done 6 equine dissections with Sharon May-Davis. Anita did not just attend these clinics but also assisted, working with Sharon and Libby Franz on two skeletons. She has built two whole equine skeletons for herself and has several legs and spines and incomplete skeletons that she refers to regularly.

When Anita flies over, she and I will be doing a once-of 2 day clinic on “THE BUILDING OF JANE”. Dates are 14-15th September 2019 at Keysbrook and will be a unique rare opportunity to learn more about equine biomechanics.

On this joint clinic with Ann Montgomery and Anita Evers, we will be inviting a limited number of riders to be involved in seeing the skeleton being constructed, to handle and see the bones of the horse at close quarters, to ask questions and to discuss the biomechanics of the horse as we put Jane back together from her traveling boxes.
Booking for this and other clinics are on the website www.annmontgomery.com.au

Tomorrow I am exceptionally lucky to be flying to Darwin to do a couple of clinics, and it will be a welcome warm up from the cold, wet weather we have been experiencing in Perth.

Up and coming Clinics

8-9th Darwin NT
10-11th Darwin NT
16th Fri Oakford
17th Oakford
19th Murray ARC: contact the club for booking.
23rd Albany Private Lessons: contact Sarah Williams on tegz1@hotmail.com or 0488 695 157
24-25th Albany Lateral Clinic.
31st Aug-1st Sept Baldivis ARC : contact the club for booking.
14-15th The Building of Jane Clinic.

Booking for all clinics are on the website www.annmontgomery.com.au

Happy Riding.