August 2020 Newsletter.

Hi Guys

I am hoping you are managing to ride in the varied winter weather.

Last month I managed to get back on the road again to Margaret River for 3 great days teaching. It was lovely to see all the girls again and we all enjoyed using the indoor arena at Yalambi Farm Stud. Such a super facility with a world-class surface to train on.

Equine Structure in Movement Series.

Laura Bird and I presented part one of our equine structure in movement series “Head to Hand” we had 12 people book and it was a lovely mix of riders, bodyworkers, bit fitters and coaches that attended. The attendees enjoying handling the skulls and the cervical vertebrae’s. The discussions were wonderful and both Laura and I were happy with how it all went and are looking forward to part 2.

Part 2 of the Series will be Sept 5th which is “The ridden Back”. In this friendly and relaxed environment learn that “nerding” can be fun as we investigate the structure of the horse’s spine, ribcage, shoulders and thoracic sling. Explore the skeletal structures with our real moving skeleton Jane and then the main muscles and ligaments with the help of live horsey friends.

We also have other horse bones to work with and you will be handling and working together to discover firsthand the detailed structure we sit on and work with on a daily bases with our horses. You can gather a genuinely more solid awareness of the beauty of the anatomy and function of the horse and rider.

Experiment with seeing Doug our resident full-sized human skeleton sitting on Jane, bone on bone. Learn about the influence of pressure on the front of the horse over the front legs and soft tissue structures while carrying a rider.

Themed Clinics

This month I am moving on with the two days themed clinics of on “Improving the seat efficiency of the riderwith Oakford on 15-16th August and the following weekend Albany 22-23rd August, Margaret Rivers themed clinic will be in September 12-13th

 We will go into how to use your seat more efficiently. Including going into the details of the different parts of the rider’s seat. After all,  the seat is not just one part, its many parts used at different times for different reasons and situations. All these parts encompass “THE SEAT OF THE RIDER”

We will be pointing out where you need to pay more attention and possibly improve many elements in your seat, tone, suppleness, strength, flow in movement and dexterity of the pelvis. How to start to be aware of lifting your horse with your seat, so the self-carriage can be possible in both you and your horse.

This two day themed clinics accommodate 9 riders per day, in private 45-minute lessons, with video feedback late morning for the morning riders and then again at the end of the day for the afternoon riders.                                                                         

The workshop is held before lunchtime.

This is a two-day clinic each day will have the following.

  • Private 45 min lesson.
  • Video feedback of parts of your lesson at the end of morning lessons and the end of the day for the afternoon riders.
  • Off horse workshop near lunchtime.

So book that date for your area, if you are interested in attending.

Up-and-coming. Young Horse Program update.

I am busy getting the material together for the young horse Audio program which is going have additional material with written components and mini videos demonstrations in some of the modules. This will also have in-hand work and lunging as part of the program.      The Pivo I bought is in use helping with this but has come with some frustrations and grumpiness. But I seem to be getting the hang of it now. I aim to have 5 modules complete before launching the 6-week course.    

Up and coming Clinics

14th Aug:  Oakford Private lessons.

15-16th  Aug : Oakford: Two day themed clinic “Improving the seat efficiency of the rider”

17th Aug: Coolup:  Murray Riding club (booking is via the club)

21st Aug: Albany Private lessons. Contact me on messenger or text to book.

22-23rd Aug Albany: Two day themed clinic “Improving the seat efficiency of the rider” Only a few places left. 

30th Aug. Stoneville at Sunninghill Equestrian Centre indoor. Private lessons with video feedback every few riders.     

Happy Riding

Ann Montgomery “The Mindful Rider”