April 2023 Newsletter

Hi Everyone.
I haven’t done a newsletter for a while, and the year is flying past. At the end of last year and early this year, part of my beautiful family visited for two months from Germany. So I had the joy of 3 of my grandchildren, along with my son and his wife, which kept me busy and entertained. 

When they left, I hit the road and returned to work. 

I have finally got back to New Zealand, and although I had a few hick ups getting there in delayed flights, missed flights, and sleeping in the airport, it was so worth it. 

It was fantastic to see my friend and students again. All the clinics were fully booked, and we added a few workshops, which was Sue Pennington’s brainstorm. 

Added to this trip were two clinics in Canberra. This is becoming a regular venue, with the next visit to Canberra later this year already got three fully booked clinics. 
The Sound System of Training is ticking along nicely. Several lessons have been added to cover issues some of our members have requested. These lessons have no arena pattern but are audio lessons on the rider’s hand, leg, and seat issues. This means the riders do not need to lay out their arena, or they can ride it in a paddock or on a trail ride. 
We are excited to be implementing a new feature for the gold members. This should keep you motivated, focused and moving forward with your training.
A personalised training plan will soon be available. You may be asking, “How on earth will that work”? 

  1. You will do a simple quiz that gathers information about where you are in your training.
  2. You will then get an email informing you of the recommended audio lessons from our bank of lessons.

There are so many lessons in The Sound System of Training, so it can be daunting on which one to do. Some of the members feel overwhelmed by where to start, although the lessons are in levels. Now you will have a personalised plan to suit you and your horse at the level you are at now. This should help you progress with your horse quicker. 

Another creation I have been working on is online workshop presentations. These are soon going to be available to purchase in the next few weeks.
They will be covering the following:

The seat of the rider – communication through the seat of the rider. 

  • What makes up the seat of the rider.
  • What and how does the horse feel the seat of the rider? 
  • How to blend the two together. 

Contact, what is contact?

  • Who creates it?
  • What does it tell you about yourself and your horse?
  • What elements make up contact with the horse?
  • How do you create it? 

The price for the presentations will be $37 each. If you are a gold member of “The Sound System of Training,” you will get a 20% discount. The discount code will be sent to you. 
I am excited about this new way of sharing information as often in lessons and clinics; there isn’t enough time to cover this type of detail. 
The starting steps will be getting relaunched soon with additions to it. All the riders who have purchased this before will have the opportunity to join us again for free; once you purchase the starting steps, you always have access to it, which gives you the opportunity to refresh with us. 
I love refreshing your knowledge because it never stays static, you are always stacking more information, and your eyes for detail are always getting refined and seeing detail you may have missed before.

Who would be interested in a series of advancement weekend clinics over the year? The idea is you would stay overnight and have four private lessons (Ridden or in hand) over the weekend with theory on different subjects. I will only take six riders on each weekend clinic. Each series would be over three months. The price per weekend will be between $445 – $490. This offers different options for rider accommodation, horse’s yards, all meals, lessons, and lectures. 
The idea is over the series; we will make a training plan so you can make progress. I really want to encourage the rider who is committed and focused on making a way forward. Who is looking for ethical training methods, compassion, and the finer details of how to progress? 
This also means it can help my riders who are further away as they come and stay with me and will receive ongoing support over the series. It also means we have a group of riders working and encouraging each other.
Contact me if you are interested in this training concept. 

I will be back at Margaret River on 12th May. Contact me via messenger if you want a private lesson. 
The Mindful Rider clinic in Margaret River Cowaramup is from 13th -14th May.

Clinics accommodate eight riders per day, in private 45-minute lessons, with video feedback and a mini-workshop at lunchtime and then again at the end of the day. This is shown together with the morning or afternoon group of riders.
If you need to dash off and are time-poor, your lesson will be a 1-hour lesson with NO video feedback. You can choose to ride on one or both days. Although riding on both days is unnecessary, I find more progress if you ride on both days to consolidate your and your horse’s learning.

You can also choose to do a ridden session, an in-hand session, or a mix of both.

Clinics can be structured to enable riders to leave shortly after their lesson or stay for the day to watch other lessons and participate in the video feedback- mini-workshop.

All prices incl GST.

Here is the direct link to book. 
What is coming up in May
12th Friday.  Cowaramup WA Private lessons ( contact me via messenger to book)
13th -14th Sat/Sun Cowaramup WA Mindful Rider Clinic Book via the link:

18th 19th Thurs -Fri. Darwin NT. Mindful Rider Clinic.

Intensive six Rider Clinic. FULLY BOOKED

20th 21st Sat-Sun. Darwin NT. Mindful Rider Clinic.

Intensive six Rider Clinic. FULLY BOOKED
Happy riding, Everyone; stay dry and warm.