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The Sound System of Training Membership

The Sound System of Training Membership

When I first started “The Sound System of Training” in April 2020. I put together audio lessons that I thought riders would want and that would increase the riders skill and their horses balance, suppleness and well-being.

I have been so thrilled to watch all progress so much in this past year. The audio lessons have helped so many in the competition arena. The riders who don’t compete, I have seen a purpose to get out and ride because now you have structure to their training. The improvement in horses and riding skills has been brilliant. 

Let me not forget to mention the improvement not just in the horse’s muscular system, strength, suppleness. Seeing the mental improvement has just blown me away. This is because working with compassion and understanding of your horse’s body and mind creates a true partnership. 

"New" Personalised Training Plan, for our Gold Members.


Here is your chance to have your very own personal training program. Just complete the quiz and you will receive the lesson that is best suited for you and your horse at this moment in time. Once you have perfected that lesson and challenges you simply redo the quiz to get your next lesson.

“An absolutely wonderful program. I love having Ann’s voice in my ear keeping me on task while connecting my and my horses bodies, movements and minds.

Highly recommend this program. The added bonus is to be able to ask questions and connect to the FB group.”

Kajsa W
“These lessons will give me the consistency that I lack. I am loving it. I like also following your track as it gives me a good indication of how slow/ fast we are going. The other thing I really noticed is my concentration helps Eleanor from being distracted from things. There were workmen on the road, she looked, but stayed with me. Normally she would need to stop and look. So this is helping us in many ways.”
Georgina K


I’ll be feeling lesson 2 tomorrow Ann!! What a work out, those walk/trot transitions were both fun and challenging. I even enjoyed the halts …. big call coming from a speed demon!

You are really good at this audio lesson thing. Thank you!!!! (From me, and from my horses who are going so much better by end of each lesson)

Amanda D

Create the horse that you love to ride and who loves working with you,
with my voice in your ear and a plan of what you will do in a training session.

– Stay Motivated
– Learn new Skills
– Progress your Riding
– Create your Dream

How will this work?

  • Full Access to the Audio Lesson Library – with loads of previous lessons ready to go.
  • Every Few weeks a New Audio lesson will be released either in a 60x20m or 40x20m format along with the arena layout plan.
  • All the lessons are categorised into sections under levels – so easy to navigate and don’t worry I will provide a link to where the new content is added.  Just watch out for my emails and Gold members watch out for posts on the FaceBook page called The Mindful Tribe. “A Sound System of Training”
  • Added to the membership are 2 new membership plans Gold and Silver – check what you can get access to below.
  • We have added a Coaching Tips: Videos & Reference Information section, in here there are already lots of videos for you to watch varying in length from a few minutes to over an hour.
  • As a member of Gold membership, you will be part of the FB group The Mindful Rider Tribe. “A Sound System of Training” keeps you all up to date with what is happening and an opportunity of asking questions. 
  • For our Gold members, we will have FB live sessions to bring up questions or subjects you would like to discuss.  All FB lives are recorded and saved to the Facebook question and Answer from the past section.
  • For our Gold Plans, we have Monthly Zoom meetings with Guest Speakers. You can ask questions as it is happening in the chat box or on the FB page before you can’t make it.  These Zoom meetings will be recorded and saved in the membership, so you can access them later
  • As a Gold member, you will get a 20% discount on any of the online training programs I am running. A booking code will be provided.
  • Also as a Gold member, you will get a 10% discount on any face to face clinics that is booked online. A booking code will be provided. 
So there you have it! I look forward to seeing you inside the membership and hearing about your riding success.

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“I have loved everything in the A Sounds System of Training- Starting Steps Program. I don’t live close to Ann for lessons in person regularly so it was great to fill the gaps between our lessons with this very easy to follow, informative series of step by step lessons with your horse. I loved the fact that I had Ann ‘in my head’ while working my horse. I could pop my earphones on and hear her encouraging calm voice guiding me through a very mindful lesson. The way the lessons are set up really do give you direction and a wealth of knowledge with video footage as well as the theoretical. I have learnt so much! And the best bit is you really can do it at your own pace in alignment with where your horse is at. 

I can see the difference in my horse’s body with the building of muscle and I can feel the difference in the way he holds himself under the saddle. I deeply appreciate the support of Ann through the Facebook group with any questions, discussion points you might have and value how Ann really listens to your horse with where they are at. I have already recommended this to others and will continue to do so as it is fantastic! Thank you, Ann.”

Karen J
“EEEEKKK … I finally got to ride the first lesson on Anzac … it was fan-bloody-tastic … he was a little quicker than Heidi to begin and I kept getting a little ahead … then he was a little behind as she loosened up. We maintained 6 strides on each 1/4 of our circle and he was LOVELY and soft, swinging steps … it felt really strange to start but after 5 minutes or so we got into the zone and it was BRILLIANT… Almost as good as having you there Ann xxx”
Berni H

“OMG, both Finn and I are just loving these audio lessons. Today we rode the 3rd lesson, after watching me set out the cones Finn was so keen to know what we were doing today he was so happy to march into to arena with ears attentive and focused.

I am amazed at how great my young boy is going, even though a very nice and quiet youngster anyway he has really become so relaxed and attentive and loving his work. I truly believe this is because I have Ann in my ears and I am so focused, really thinking about my riding and totally zoning out about everything else around
me and this is reflecting through into him……your calm voice has an amazing affect Ann 😊 It is very evident that Finn is loving it.

Now aside from all the great positives that we are experiencing I have definitely come to the realisation that I am just not feeling my left seat bone as clearly as I do my right (my stronger firmer side).

After completing the lesson I took Finn for a chilled 20 minute walk in the bush during which a played around with my seat trying to feel my left seat bone and I believe I have been too heavy in the stirrup as when I lighten in the stirrup I feel my left seat bone…….could it be as simple as that Ann?”

Renee W

Or email me if you need help mailto:info@annmontgomery.com.au

The Starting Steps Program with Ann Montgomery

Six Week Course STARTING later in 2022.
$325 AUD incl GST

The starting steps is a compassionate way of training your horse, with this system you build rapport, understanding and confidence with each other.

No matter where you are with your horse NOW, this system builds a better bond between you both. The training is split into small chunks enabling you both to learn quickly and without confusion.

What will I get with the starting Steps? 

  • Each week you will  get short videos of between 3-20 mins each on in-hand work and lunging, which you will add to your training schedule. 
  • There will be written details on fitting the in hand tack and advice on what you need to progress your horse’s training and your skill set.
  • Challenges will be set to test your new skills.
  • Each week you will get an arena plan for both 40×20 & 60×20 arena which shows the exercises which will be in the lesson and increases in small increments of arena figures & detail over the weeks.
  • Your Audio lesson download will be for both arena sizes.
  • These audio lessons loaded onto your phone will give you prompts to notice details in the horse and yourself, each week will have a new focus of attention for you and your horse.
  • In your Audio lesson you will get detailed information about your seat, hands, legs and parts of your legs to use for different situations. There will be information on the core – the ‘how’ of engaging it and varied control for different situations, head posture and breathing techniques.
  • You will be invited to join the private Facebook page for The Sound System of Training Starting Steps program, where you can ask questions, show pictures, and little videos of your progress if you wish to. 
  • Every two weeks there will be a Facebook live to answer all your questions. 


The Starting Steps program has been a big help in training balance, calmness & understanding in my young horse.           

Ann describes the training in an easy-to-understand way for horses & humans with great results.     👍🙏 Glenda J